Garden Center Day

Yesterday was the day that I planned to plan the vegetable garden, see where needed to be prepared and what would we plant.  So we went to Liscahane Garden Center , which happens to be my favorite garden center for anything.  Myself and Theresa went at around 12.30, the place was empty and the lady working there gave us a great free tutorial about what sort of vegetables and herbs to grow, she spent so much time with us and the advice was second to none.  She said not to go overboard and plant too much, to start selectively planting what we like to eat the most, we bought some tomato, courgette, romaine lettuce and spring onion seeds… and some peat pots.  She explained that towards the end of march they will have ‘brought on’ plants of a huge selection of veg/herbs.  She told us the most important thing now was to PREPARE our veg area.


After coming home and under the advice of all concerned, I decided instead of digging an area for vegetables from lawn that the best idea for gardeners ‘our age’ was raised beds.  So that is the way we are going to go.

We are making three 6 x 6 foot beds, and using pressure treated 9in x 2 in planks, hinged together.  Then we will fill with some nice top soil.  Makes life a lot easier and encourages interest!!

For the herb garden, I have a patch in the ground, which measures about 2 foot x 6 foot and which is nice loose soil close to a pathway which will have easy access to plant and weed and feed and water.

For now that’s it.  I am happy with this plan and over the next few weeks we will measure and plan where the beds will go.

So excited, happy planning!


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