Beginning of preparation, 27th Feb, 2016

Well, wasn’t today like a day borrowed from August!!  After a nice leisurely early afternoon in town, I arrived home to a gem of an afternoon. On went the wellies and out to the garden around 3.30, just have to love these long evenings already.  So I started to dig out the herb garden, because I don’t need a raised bed for this, I know the spot where I plan to grow used to be a herb garden before.  So I turned the soil on a spot about 2 foot x 8 foot, soil looked great, nice and dark and full of worms, this should be nice to work with over the next few weeks, fine tuning things for my lovely herbs.  It was fairly easy to work on, but I am sure the back (my back) will be sore later!!

Can you imagine that I was out pottering about until about 5.30/5.45, I didn’t want to come in, it was just so beautiful.

I took a before and after pic of where I want the herb garden, pretty nice.

I also cut down a beautiful fuchsia shrub just a little, because I know that when it takes off growing it will probably interfere with the raised beds:


Below just a few pics of how beautiful our gardens can be even at this time of year:

How I just love the garden.  Hope SPRINGS eternal.


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