Weekend work 12/13 March! Spring madness

I just love when I get the chance to escape out into the garden! Saturday afternoon was one of those times! 

After my Saturday morning in town stocking up the shelves for another week, I rushed home ate lunch and headed out to get those beauties ‘raised beds’ constructed.  With the help of my sister and daughter we got going!  I had bought ‘L’ brackets, only one was needed for each 90% angle i.e. 4 per bed was enough and quite sturdy. When we had them constructed we were able to move them around (although quite heavy) to get the perfect spot for them , a place where they were accessible, where I will be able to cut the grass around them and more importantly a place where I can sit and enjoy watching my crops grow in them!

 … They now sit there waiting for some healthy top soil which should arrive next week!!! I am so excited. Aileen says spuds should go in soon… So she is going to pick me up some that yield some seriously flowery spuds.  It’s such an accomplishment to get this far and I am so excited!


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