St. Patricks Day Weekend 19th/20th March.

I just have to say, what an absolutely fantastic weekend off and in the garden.  I really did so very much and am so very very tired after it all, but a garden tired is the best tired of all!! Wouldn’t you say??!!!

I will just start at the beginning of the weekend!


Firstly, my sister got me my potatoes, they are Kerrs Pink seed potatoes, she got me 15.  Now my raised beds are ready, just to get the top soil, for which I have a call in with a local lad who I am very lucky to know, he says that I should have it in roughly a week.  So seeing as I couldn’t plant the potatoes this weekend (traditional for ‘getting them in’) my sis told me to chit them, which consists of  an egg container, put a potato in each spot with a good eye facing upwards, and leave them in a cool room out of direct sunlight and they can be sitting there till I am ready to plant..12498926_10205825525937413_649881927_n

Secondly, I decided to get rid of some very leggy deadish hedge which originally separated the vegetable garden from the rest of the garden.  Chainsaw in hand it was quite the nifty job and really opened up the whole garden, very pleased with this venture.  My daughter, Theresa helped me a lot, you see I am putting a path around the raised beds made out of old spare roof tiles, this will make maintenance easy, ie by being able to mow the lawn and not have to bang up against the beds all the time and also make accessibility easier when working on my beds as I can use a kneeler on the tiles Well Theresa brought a huge amount of tiles and fixed them in the proper spot, she also helped me pulling and dragging at the ol’ hedge,,,,, its great to have a bit of company out there!.  This job took most of Saturday and was totally fulfilling, place is looking so good and I am feeling very good about it all.  Having some of the best weather this year so far didn’t harm the mood either!!


So, Sunday, I decided was going to be a planting and germinating day.  I had  been in Lidl in the morning and bought some nice stuff, they have a very good garden selection at the moment, they have never disappointed me with quality.  I bought a floribunda’trumpeter’ Rose, 3 Raspberry plants ‘Rubus idaeus’ variety, 15 Gladiolus ‘traderhorn’ variety bulbs and a variety of Nasturtium and marigold seeds, and my impulse buy  Pumpkin seeds!!  p.s. marigolds are supposed to be a good companion plant for tomatoes as it repels nematodes, tomato worm, slugs, general garden pests, so my plan will be to grow them together in pots when the time comes.

Firstly, I filled my peat pots with compost and soaked them totally with water, (actually I did this Saturday night and left them soak the water really well) then I planted my tomatoes, two varieties – Tumbling Tom Red (of which there were 15 seeds), which are ideal for baskets and containers and Harbinger (of which there were 30 seeds)  and  which is a nice large tomato, very resilient.  All going well my yield should be good and with a nice summer we will be well stocked.  When I had them sowed, I covered them with a thin layer of compost and put them on a window sill in a room at the front of the house with ‘cling film’ over them to aid in germination.  Cant wait to see them start growing, this should take 15-20 days I think, but the most important thing is to KEEP THEM MOIST all the time.

Then I decided to plant a tray of spring onions so that once my top soil gets here, they should have a head start, these I put in a large tray approx. 12 in x 6 in, in small drills, sprinkling the seeds along the drills and lightly covering them and again copious amounts of water.


What next, yea, armed with a lovely mix of sand, dirt and compost and a small handful of pellet feed i.e. miracle grow, I planted the Rose, the three Raspberry plants and the  Gladiolus in a lovely bed that I have at the front of my garden, hard work but so satisfying.  The day was getting away from me but I was getting most of what I had planned done.

Forgot to say, my sister gave me a present of California poppy seeds at Christmas, I came across them and decided to give them a go…. get the above mixture of sand, dirt and compost in a bucket, mix the poppy seeds in this and just sprinkle where you want them to grow.  The kit contained 30,000 seeds, so hopefully some of them germinate and grow for me, they should be really nice, they will be orange.

Also forgot to mention, another story, my Aunt lives in Sligo and she has lovely blue flowering aquilegia, the aquilegia that I have growing in abundance in Kerry is purple, so last summer I took some seed pods from Sligo and now I have also planted these seeds in peat pots, I would love to have blue and purple in the garden and when they  take off they really take off, they propagate themselves year after year, fingers crossed.

So, its Sunday evening, dark and I am blogging, with sore fingers, sore back and a huge tiredness on me, but I couldn’t be happier, gardening is so very good for the soul, the head, the heart, its the complete package.  So till next week, happy gardening and don’t forget to love it.


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