Easter Weekend 25th to 28th March 20165

Hey there, yea gardening is definitely high up there in my great passions.  Good Friday I had a half day from work, was finished at 1pm, couldn’t wait to get home to get out there.  The weather was OK a bit dull but workable.  Unfortunately my topsoil had not arrived yet, but that didn’t deter me, there is always something to be done in the garden.  I decided to ‘make’ my herb garden, so having some cement blocks around the garden, as you do, I decided to border it with them, made some nice pillars on both sides with blocks that are hollow in the middle to plant some pansies!!!

So, of course dealing with even 7-8 cement blocks is quite strenuous, leveling them and getting them close enough etc, I was already quite tired,  when I received a phone call that my topsoil was en route!  I was like a child Christmas morning!  I got him to drop it as close as possible to where it was to go, which was about 30ft, quite a haul with wheelbarrow-loads full.  Anyway, without wasting any time I managed to barrow up 5 loads, quite tough, to say the least, but I am thrilled to be even starting it.  Having got that done I was quite wrecked and decided to call it a night.

Under cover topsoil!!


Saturday, after a trip to town of course, out again, this time when I told my sister Aileen that the topsoil had arrived the day before, she again was like a child at Christmastime!, she immediately volunteered to help me with at least 10 barrow loads, thrilled with the help we started straight away hauling up to the raised beds.  Ended up Saturday that we close to filled two of the three beds.  Called it an evening, which, I forgot to say was quite a day filled with rain and hail.  We didn’t care, we were just getting a very hard job done.   And seeing that the day was not quite over but I was exhausted, I decided to re pot some of my aloe vera‘s which had come quite pot  bound, you know they are pot bound when they start to distort the shape of the pot.  Just take the plant, roots and all out of the pot and literally tear them apart, they should all have viable roots attached and just re pot in some nice compost.  I think I got about 15-16 new plants from two pot bound ones!!! I love aloe vera, it is an easy maintenance plant and is the best thing around to treat a burn, just snap off a shoot and squeeze pure aloe vera juice on the wound and you wont believe the relief and healing properties it has.

Re potted aloe vera

Sunday morning- FOR WHICH WE GOT OUR SPRING HOUR EXTRA FOR THE EVENING TIME,  was a trip to Liscahane Garden Centre, where I managed to stay focused and just buy what I went there for, normally I come out of the place with about €70 worth of ‘lovely stuff’.  Well this time I bought my herbs: parsley, sage, lemon thyme, rosemary, chives, oregano and mint (bought pineapple mint by accident!, smells massive) and two pansies for my herb pillars!  I put the pots up where they would eventually rest to get them accustomed to their new home!


Continuing on, how could you rest when the garden is such a busy place, myself and Aileen finished filling the raised beds,  although this time she came up with an idea of making a ramp so that we could wheel the barrow loads of dirt up the side of the bed and drop it in that way, way way a better idea and got the job finished so much faster.  Still, it was definitely one of the most back-breaking jobs you will ever do in a garden, hows ever its done now and is made for enjoying and filling with various fantastic vegetables sooooooooooon! p.s. with the weather so wet, we covered what we could with some old discarded floor covering to give it a chance to drain.

Monday (A BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY – OFF WORK) , I decided to fill the herb bed, which was such a nice easy job, no back breaking stuff.  So I made a plan of where I wanted everything, I read the little instruction, and saw how high and wide each plant was capable of growing and laid them out accordingly.  Each hole I dug for the herbs was slightly bigger than the size of the pot they were in, of which I filled with potting compost and some miracle grow pellets,took them from their pots and firmed them in very well to their new home, this is very important to get them in firmly, air is not a great friend of the roots.  When I had all of them planted, even though I did most of it in the rain, I watered them well in!!


  • Made herb garden
  • Bought herbs
  • Topsoil came
  • Filled raised beds
  • Re potted aloe veras (house plants)
  • Planted herbs


  • Kept tomato seeds in peat pots well watered

  • My trumpeter rose that I planted last week has healthy new shoots
  • Raspberries also have some shoots







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