So springy!! 17th April 

Got one day in the garden this weekend! The morning was not great a little wet underfoot but the afternoon warmed up a treat. I am having such a good time with the garden and it’s only April !🌻🌺🌾💐🌸🌼.  So I got more planting done in the raised beds. Bed # 2 got two types of lettuce and radishes. Lettuce variety rosemont which is a romaine  and Tom Thumb which should grow fast, small and sweet ! Two rows of radish. Seed packs said a foot apart but I made it somewhat smaller… We will see! 


cant wait !🍃
lettuce and radish
The third bed got two rows of leeks so far!! I really can’t wait for all to grow! I hope things grow for me.


My herb bed is going well and I felt great using some nice parser in my Sunday roast stuffing!!! Herb bed successful all growing and I planted a few seed marigolds and they are coming also🌼


What else, I cut the grass and also paved around raised beds with roof tiles !! So mowing the grass is easier !!


paving with spare roof tiles!

Night scented stock coming up!


night scented stock

Tomatoes doing well, I have them outdoors during the day now and back inside at night just to get them ready for out without shocking them to death!! 

Planted some courgette seeds in a nice container 


My hebe cuttings that I took a few weeks ago seem to be surviving!! So hopefully they will thrive for me, did I mention I ❤️❤️ hebe! 

Nasturtium plants and marigold seedlings all up. No sign of cactus yet!!! 

Funny how life goes on. I had a hanging basket with pansies last year which has been sitting out all winter out my back and the pansies are flowering again!!! No need to look after them!!


nothing but a bunch of pansies!

So that was my brilliant day. Still no sign of spuds they are a week in😖

Happy gardening  


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