Asparagus seeds

Thought it would be nice to grow asparagus, it is so expensive in shops! So I bought a bag of seeds,, turns out its 3 years to your first crop!! Ah well to be a gardener is to be patient!! So off I went! 


  • Soak seeds in cold water for 48 hours prior to planting
  • Plant in 3″ peat pots (one seed per pot) sow 1/2 – 3/4 inches deep.
  • Water well
  • Put pots in polythene bag to germinate (I have mine in the greenhouse!)
  • 3 weeks to 3 months to germinate! 
  • High success level growing from seed – they say 
  • Plant out (March-April) in prepared well fertilised beds 12-18″ apart to the north of your garden (fern structure can get quite high and pretty!!!) may shade other plants
  • Water well in
  • Keep weed free
  • Let them do their thing
  • You don’t want female plants so berries are the identifier! So pull them out if they berry
  • The sad part-  Do not harvest for 3 years , actually the third year is good..
  • Harvest April to June and Can harvest when spears are 4-6″ tall!!! Exciting 
  • When cutting, cut spears below the soil surface with a sharp knife (being careful with the fingers)
  • Cut back ferns in November to about an inch above the ground and compost. And fertilise well then…
  • Simple as that…..


disclaimer- not my pic.. i wish
disclaimer – not my pic either

So pretty

Happy gardening  


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