Coming out weekend 23-24 April

So I just need to ask…. Do people who don’t garden know what they are missing…??? I love people but folks you need to experience gardening.  Even if you don’t have a garden get a house plant, an allotment a herb garden .  I just can’t explain how high on life I feel on my garden.  Rant over… 

So each and revert day I am out checking my raised beds and seedlings and they really all started ‘coming out’ this weekend! I am so excited!! Potatos :

potatoes peeking out for me

Radishes also peeking out, although I had a hard time identifying them, but they are all in a row so I am guessing they are them!!  So this is so gratifying! I can’t start to explain my happiness. 

What else, I am drying my herbs,at the moment just the coriander and basil but they are doing great and I hope to put up a ‘how to ‘ video on YouTube soon on herb drying. 


I also bought a greenhouse in lidl two weeks ago, €40, I said I would give it a shot and I really love it. I needed to give it some savage extra support I.e concrete blocks and tie lines both in the ground and tied to trees, so I believe now it should withstand some wind!! Well I can only hope and keep you updated! I have sweet pea, an acorn, courgettes and parsnips propagating in it for now! Love it. 


my new toy!!

check out cement block and tie line support


So in the above picture are my seeds in the greenhouse, asparagus in the bag! I suppose just being in the hot greenhouse would be ok maybe no need for bag! I may be over protective of my plants. 
I also paid a visit to Liscahane garden centre , got some stuff I didn’t need but wanted! I got a broom, magenta and yellow, for my front bed, 2 more hebe!! Addicted! Asparagus seed, amazing instruction, yield in 3 years, a tray of sweet pea (mixed colour) and a beautiful blue daisy

The daisy is in a pot outside my front door, very pretty, not sure exact name??

I am still planting bits and pieces but at the moment it’s lovely to just be watering in the evenings and watching stuff grow..

Bluebells out now also  

However daffodils fading, but they are such a sign of Spring and hope for less dark days!!

My tomatoes are coming on nicely, hardening them out now for about a week outside during the day in full sun and back in the porch by night!! They should be ready for out very soon!


So for now happy gardening🌺🌻🌼☀️🌸


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