Mid week update 27th April 

So excited even though we are having a very cold spell, it’s still dry and sunny, my ‘crops’ are all coming along nicely. 

Update :

  • Tomatoes – very healthy
  • Radishes popping up everywhere 
  • Leeks??? I think they are coming
  • Potatoes – so very very proud
  • Courgettes…… I don’t know
  • Rose from lidl
  • Gladioli from lidl – 15 bulbs grown a while back ??
  • Lettuce .. Yea I think

I propagated some ornamental grasses from their mommy and they look so healthy 

So I am chuffed, don’t know if I mentioned that I gather rainwater, the house plants just love it and so do all the seeds and it’s user friendly . 

So very cold but sunny.  I am now doing some snap chatting in the garden, follow me! – cosgrovebarbara, just for fun

Happy gardening🌼🌷🌹🌵🌻


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