Catch-up bank holiday weekend 30th April – 2nd may 

What nice weather, getting a wee bit warmer after quite a long spell of severe cold and wind. I have to say the garden is doing great. Everything is coming up but by bit and I would imagine it will just get better when the temperatures get higher ☀️.

Saturday I did a clean and watering in my porch, I have a tiny porch but filled with flowers and plants and propagating peat pots!!  Most of the house plants I have are inherited from my parents, bless them, and I dont know the names of half of them, a lot of cactus, succulents and aloes.  Some of the cactus are coming into flower about now and they are so beautiful

I just love watering all the plants in the porch, its so therapeutic and peaceful and they are so very thirsty, I have not yet started to add a feed, maybe in a few weeks when they get parched!!

I ventured to the Liscahane garden center again, for my sins and for 4 bales of potting compost, I am flying thru it this year.  So I picked up two plants of oregano and one thyme, I figure that I may as well have the herbs I use in abundance, as I feel now that I am successful in drying them also.  I will use basil and oregano all year round for my homemade tomato sauce (which will taste even sweeter with my own tomatoes), so grow on my pretties:

Oregano, so healthy looking, and tasty
Monday of the bank holiday weekend, I cut the grass, such a rewarding job, the place looks great and I feel great, like getting a nice hair cut!!

Sweet cut grass (sorry ’bout the laundry) twas a great day for drying!!
Also made my way to Lidl and I cant resist some of their stuff, so healthy, I love it , I got a beautiful daisy, so unusual and I potted it in a nice pot and its out the front by my beautiful blue one!!

After I finished cutting the grass, I made the prettiest discovery, my beautiful mature hebe produced off-spring, in the gravel none the less, so out with my peat pots and harvested a huge amount.  I am a sucker for hebe and would have it all over my garden if I could, and the way its going I will!!

specimen hebe
hebe babies
hebe babies
I also put some sweet pea down, really love doing this seems so like as summer is just within reach:

I just love watching the sweet pea progress and the sweet smell, nothing quite like it.


Potatoes really thriving (and so are the weeds!)


Spring onions seem hardy, I have them planted out for so long, so I hope that when I get them in the ground the come on nicely:


Radishes just seem to be thriving, cant wait for their sweet taste:


Tomatoes: (they speak for themselves) however I am still afraid of putting them out over-night.  Not too happy with the weather during the night with the wind and cold!


So, for now thats really it, garden is going well, not too overwhelming at all.  I am like a child so very excited with every mm that anything grows.  I am thrilled that everything is growing and that I am having such a good time.  All the stuff that’s in the greenhouse seems to be coming nicely, I think the asparagus is starting to pop its head out!! Just the one thing that I dont have a spot for in the garden prepared for yet…. Ah well, always something to do in that peaceful place.

For now… Happy Gardening.


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