Hydrangea – special 5/5/16

I just have to say, that of all the jobs I love in the garden I love pruning my hydrangea the best. It’s just such a peaceful easy quiet time.  You must wait till the last frost has fallen! Because those dead flowers protect the new buds and leaves, so I tend to leave it as late as possible to prune.  It’s such a lovely easy going job, in amongst the foliage and you can either be quite precise with your pruning or give it a hard prune, either was they are very forgiving and mine flourish all summer beautifully! 

Pure relaxation !! 


Asparagus is up so I am scurrying to make a spot for them!!


they will have to be happy here!!
Tomatoes thriving (not in ground yet!!!) 

Gladeoli looking good. 

Kale and spinach popping up their heads in the peat pots

I have no complaints and am looking forward to an organic low carbon footprint  summer!!! 

Happy gardening 


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