Planting out 7-8 May 2016

This weekend I decided was the moment to plant out most of what I have left in peat pots all around the house. It was the first warm weekend but was a bit windy. 

So tomatoes first . I have to say over the past weeks since planting the seeds I have grown very attached to my seedlings, you might have realised that with all my pictures of them! Well I checked and watered them every day and sometimes had a good chat with them.  With great care and thought I had decided where to plant them out. Most went in nice shaded long box pots and the trailing variety went into an old barbeque and hanging baskets… I lined the boxes with small stones for drainage then made a nice mix of soil, potting compost  and miricle grow beads, a nice mixture for them.  When I planted them in I gave them all a great watering with a cap full of liquid tomato feed per watering can.  The trailing variety I planted with the same mix but no stones they came with a base.  Nice baskets..€5 in heatons. 


old sack cloth used for drainage
preparing base
they look so fragile
tomatoes in hanging basket
tiny tomatoes

I have a few more trays to plant out but I think I may put some in the green house, compare growth and harvest time !!!

Also planted out some very tiny but hardy spring onions, can’t wait to see how they grow. I feel I am running out of space to plant  but enjoying it so very much.  Using every little space.  When planting I tried not to  disturb the roots too much. But when I got up this morning and checked on them a local cat had scratched the area up and left me a little fertiliser !!! So we will see how it goes..


spring onions
Kale coming up nicely in peat pots so some of them went out directly in the pots so no disturbing there, just make sure to firm everything in well and give them all a great watering!!


kale … tiny
Everything seems so small and vulnerable, but I will be minding them all.

The spuds and radishes and lettuce are getting fine and strong though …


To recap, I have most seedlings either in the ground or in pots.  Well fed and watered, and kept weeded. Just some more tomatoes to get stronger and some nasturtiums (so healthy but I don’t know where to put them) !! Lots of marigold seeds scattered around the vegetables.  Do you know it’s a great lifestyle enjoying the garden.

I am blessed

Happy gardening  


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