Hot hot weekend 14-15 may 

Honestly the garden happens to be looking after itself at the moment . I have  to say I didn’t do too much at all this weekend, I had a bit of a birthday, so I got some lovely garden friendly pressies ::


from my theresa!! love it
from aileen!! ❤️
critters for me!!
dragonflies from kayleigh

I love my garden friendly gifts (and everything else I got❤️) 

All the vegetables are thriving.  Aileen told me to thin out the lettuce, so as I was doing this I was eating the small lettuce, unbelievable, like I closed my eyes and it tasted like lettuce from my younger years when lettuce tasted like lettuce, all I was missing was a dollop of salad cream!!!🍃. Radishes look like they are good to eat and eat I did, again haven’t tasted such a radish in years, mild and peppery!! They were long not round but massive !!


lettuce ‘tom thumb’
 And the weather has been warm and humid so excellent for my tomatoes both inside greenhouse and outside in pots!! Nice to compare growing with the two different growing conditions .  

I cut the grass also and in the process came across an egg (later identified as a pigeon egg by my sister Aileen ) it was unhatched so I was quite sad as we  have some nice pigeons in our garden.  And a big thanks to Kayleigh my daughters friend who cut back and dug out  all the overgrown grass from my paths and weeded them also, it looks great.

I got 12 broad bean plants from a neighbour so gave Aileen some and I am in the middle of planting out the ones I kept, about 12 inches apart and staked and supported well, they already smell like broad beans!!


broad beans
Everything coming along nicely, gladioli getting tall and all 15 survived. I have to say all is well in my haven💐🌺

Happy gardening!


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