Marrowfat peas 19th may

So I love taking advice and listening to more experienced gardeners than me. Chatting to a neighbor, with years of experience told me to pop a marrowfat pea, (which for those who don’t know is a dried pea you soak and eat with your Sunday dinner!) 

in a bit of compost and let it grow !  I thought it a lovely idea and decided to experiment thinking it would come to nothing!! Yea well I planted 6 and what do you know 6 came lovely and healthy!!

marrowfat pea!

I am running out of space in my lovely garden for more vegetables so I was freaking out about where to put my peas! Build another raised bed I thought, and this I did.  On this past Wednesday evening I used what I had and created this👍

It’s 6 concrete blocks (freestanding) top soil, sand and compost with a dash of miricle grow!! 

I put in a kale and 2 courgettes. It’s not too big and I think this is why the blocks are staying upright. 

All else going great in my garden.  I have had lettuce and radishes in my smoothie and all the tomatoes are coming up great.  I gave a friend some herbs for her cooking for a family event , very proud of that…. Parsley, mint, basil, chives and bay. 

Happy gardening 🌷


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