Nails 24th may 

So I love my garden and I love looking after my fingernails, but I guess the garden wins out. When I am doing heavy gardening like digging, moving soil or cutting the grass I wear good gardening gloves, but when I am weeding or planting anything at all I need to feel the soil I don’t wear gloves for these jobs,, so naturally my nails suffer::

nails suffering

But I don’t care cause I need to feel the soil in my hands and the seeds and plants that I am planting.

 I treat my nails with this product from isadora:

Which I try to use this  as much as I can it’s a lovely oily conditioner for my dry nails.  I also put nail polish on every Sunday night and I use only Sally Hanson and Essie with a base coat and a gel top coat. It usually lasts the week but the garden is keeping me so busy at the moment that some evenings require a top up.  I like that I have such varied interests in my life and can clean up quite well post garden…..

It’s great to have so much going on in my life.  Keeps me busy and sane. 

Garden update: 

Pumpkins peaking up: 

Not too sure about the cucumbers??!!

Tomatoes doing well in the greenhouse: 

And outside:

And as for the potatoes… Well they speak for themselves : 

Spring onions: 

So I really feel like things are going great and I am loving it.  Bad nails and all!!! 

Happy gardening🌺


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