Reaping the rewards! 30th may 

Well after all the madness of trying to get everything into the ground,   general mayhem and panic have eased off and now I seem to be reaping the rewards of my lovely sacred garden space.  This past weekend has just been a joy, with temperatures between 18-22•, everything is just flourishing, you can nearly see some of it growing !! 

So I have been eating my lettuce and radishes in my smoothie each morning and also eating them in lovely salads with my chives also. The favour is amazing from the lettuce, so old fashioned, not available in shops near you!!! 

I use a full head of the small lettuce in my smoothie and 2 radishes! They have such a good flavour and are so very good for you!! 

healthy radishes

Also the good old roast chicken needs a good ol stuffing :

A few sprigs of parsley (from the garden)

A few sprigs of thyme (from the garden)

sage and thyme

About 6 leaves of sage (from the garden)

1/2 onion


An egg


Salt and pepper

himalayan is great for you

Fry up the onion in butter, add salt, pepper, thyme, sage and parsley. Fry slowly to soften (not over do) all the flavours! 

In a bowl put the breadcrumbs and egg, add fried ingredients. 

Only use milk if the mixture is not moist enough ! 

frying off

The family really enjoyed this flavourful stuffing, so rewarding to use the good stuff from the back yard.  LOWERING THE OL CARBON FOOTPRINT DAILY AND LOVING IT. Can’t wait to start making my own tomato pasta sauce with my own tomatoes herbs and courgettes !!

Bon appetite and happy gardening!!!!


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