Flowers of my garden rock and roll.. June 8th

I have always been in love with the flowers of my garden, especially in the month of May. They are so vibrant then, bursting with colour and life. So I suppose I feel a bit guilty cheating on them with vegetables!!! They are very forgiving obviously as they continue to bloom even though most of my days, these days are spent nursing the vegetables!!

Here is a little vision of their beauty:


Always beautiful alyssum, I have it in my borders and 2 years ago it self seeded on my gravel driveway and has been thriving since!


I love daisies, I have them in the garden and in pots, you can never have enough, they are such a happy flower and once you dead head them they will produce all season🌼


Beautiful hawthorn tree, mine is right beside my house and I have cut it back over the years because it has grown out onto our path and it has quite savage thorns.  It is blooming so well this year and is growing tall not wide with all my pruning. 

wood cranes bill

Geranium sylvaticum, fabulous ground cover, no maintenance needed, bless it, and returns to me each year. 

marsh cranesbill

Geranium palustre, again a pleasure to have in the garden, no maintenance and returns year after year. 


My beautiful beautiful fuschia!! I love them so very much. One of Kerry’s most beautiful shrub , wild flower .. I have propagated all mine from native hedge grows . And now I have some wonderful tall healthy specimens all over my garden. They just need to be pruned around march/April if you want to keep them neat.. 


Beautiful hydrangea, I have so many in my garden and love them. I did a post lately that pruning my hydrangea is the most favourite calming-job in the garden. Done after fear of late frost because the old dried blooms protect the new buds and if you cut them off too soon the plant may not thrive, although I think they are fairly hardy!!!

common rock rose

Helianthemum nummularium! My lovely rock rose, went into the ground in 2007 a small plant, now it has spread to about 2ft x 3 foot giving me a blanket of yellow each summer, again maintenance free. It has spilled over our driveway and underneath is a hive of activity with wood louse!!! Love it all!! 

Love  pansies, they are so friendly and tough. Last year I had some in a hanging basket and when the season was over and they withered away I took down the basked and left it in the back yard for the winter, this year they are back with a vengance !! Great flowers etc… So they are back up with pride of place, my perennial pansies!!!

erysimum suff. goldstaub – alpine

New this year… Watch this space!
saxifragia mossy – alpine
my pom pom tree

Viburnum ??? Tree. Love this… Flowering tree, laden down this time of year with pom poms..

lilac tree

So very pretty and fragrant and again maintenance free.

bottle cleaner flower

I call it this because it is what it looks like. Last year a good friend gave me a voucher for a garden centre and thus was one of the things I bought, I think of kitty when I see this beauty flower. 

sea thrift

Because we live by the sea and you can’t beat this vibrant colour in its almost native environment .


Propagates like crazy but you know it’s May when they raise their beautiful heads, and the BEES love them. I have acquired some black, white and blue seeds from a recent trip to Sligo so hopefully get a great mixture in my garden. 

my poeny rose

Stuck at the back of my garden getting no TLC is this beauty, again greets me every year at this time. Thank you!!

Unsure altogether of the name of this, but I introduced it to my garden some years ago from the wild hedge grows during my walks, I got it’s seeds and it just took off. Any suggestions on a name would be appreciated .!!!

meadow saxifrage

Always saw this on lovely old stone walls this time of year.  Got it 2 years ago and it’s thriving in mine of my beds, so much so it’s flowing out on the lawn!!!

sweet pea

Just started to flower, such a beautiful fragrant thing. 

Well that’s a tour of my wonderful flowers!! May is truely  a flower month!!! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed putting it together. With thanks to a wonderful identifier app called plantnet, I use it all the time, just upload a picture of what you want to identify and voila!!!!

Happy gardening☀️🌻


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