Sligo trip June 2016 

Last weekend I travelled to Sligo to see my elderly aunt.  She lives in the town and my brother looks after her small but beautiful garden. She has such different plants and shrubs compared to my seaside garden.  I didn’t do much except admire and take pics of her garden.  

First of all she has the most beautiful different varieties of aquilegia, I just have purple, she has a vibrant blue, a white and a beautiful black one and this dark purple luxurious one:


She also has some amazing poppies, which were I flower that weekend, absolutely beautiful and the inside…  only in nature could you find such beauty


These beautiful little blue flowers are called blue eyed Mary, their leaves seem to curl up to catch rain!! Maybe I am wrong but it was so wonderous! 

blue eyed mary
catching rain

the back garden

Not sure what this is but it haven’t flowered yet???


Went for a walk to the beach and saw this beautiful sea thrift

sea thrift

I love going to other gardens and taking the ‘odd’ seed to try and grow in my own garden. 

Things going well in my own place.  Post will follow…

Happy gardening!!


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