Harvesting basil on a windy and wet June weekend  

Yea I don’t know where that weekend weather came from.  The rain and wind was incessant!  So no matter how many times I looked out the window to beg it to stop it wouldn’t !!!! I would hardly be without a job to do so I decided to work with my basil.  I had recently transplanted my two plants to bigger pots and put them in the sunny porch, and to give them great credit (and plenty of water) they are fairly healthy.. 

I had an idea to freeze the leaves in ice cube trays, heard from someone this is a great way to store these magic herbs for my fresh pasta sauces.  So I had bought the nice ice cube tray (about €3) and I started to cut the leaves. When I had a load of leaves cut from the plant I again cut them up small, or you could chop them, and press them into the ice cube trays.  Then I filled the tray with water to the top then froze. The day after then I put them from the tray to a freezer bag so they will stay fresher and with no freezer burn :::::

cut plenty of leaves
stuffed them in the tray
filled them with water
frozen suspects
removed from tray put in bag for freshness
voila – preserved basil

So I have about 20 cubes and I figure I will use 2-3 cubes for my pasta saucees!!! 

Not bad!! I am so happy to be using my own grown produce .  I am only waiting for my tomatoes and courgettes to make my own ‘real’ pasta sauce!!!

Happy gardening 🍝


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