Potato harvest! June 25/26

The time has come! My spuds are ready. Wow the stalks and flowers were so tall and I decided to give them a dig out Saturday and to my delight the jewels called potatoes were there!! I am so excited!! I just dug one plans and it yielded me:

Needless to say they would have to be cooked for dinner with some nice rashers of bacon… I couldn’t wait for dinner!

 And they didn’t dissapoint: 

Butter and salt!!

A very fond memory of the taste of a new spud was with my mother when we lived in Waterford !! A lot of years ago.  It just happened to be the two of us I was about 9 or 10 and we dug up the first of the new potatoes,cooked them and ate them till our bellies were stuffed, with good ‘ol butter and salt… Something special 

Enjoy your garden.  Enjoy the hectic spring planting, because as sure as summer follows Spring you will enjoy the   fruits/vegetables of your  work!! 

Happy gardening 


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