Spring 2017

Trying more gardening less typing this year but I will try a happy mix of both. Tidying up the garden these past few weeks, weather has been good and very bad!!! Late last year we got a great man to get rid of lots of unwanted hedge and trim down trees. And he chipped all of it so I can now have weed free beds with the black weed stopper and chipping a. So excited …. trying for a user friendly garden, not getting any younger!!!

Just have a few pictures for now but will try for more as we go on!!

Loving the neatness


2 thoughts on “Spring 2017

  1. Tidying the garden in spring is always so satisfying. My first daffodil may open today, but the wind is gusting to 45 mph, so it is doing more than gently swaying the in the breeze!


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