It begins spring ’17

This is such a brilliant busy time of the gardeners year! Ya just can’t stop stuff growing . I love Instagram and it’s just brilliant seeing all the spring posts and photos of people all over the world with like interests, and with the different climates, they have wonderful growth!!

I have a huge amount of seeds planted and am trying for succession planting this year to lengthen my stock and supply.

Marrowfat pea

I have : —->

Lettuce, tomatos, kale, spinach, spring onions, potatoes, beets, beans, radish, peas, asparagus and parsnip.

I am experimenting with the parsnip, I have 9 seeds in peat pots and when they surface and get strong I am going to plant them in a fish box full of stone free soil, sand and peat. The box is about 10 inches high so plenty of room for growth, they were very sweet last year, but a bit crazy with the stones.  So stone free this year!!

FOOTNOTE – looking at a very interesting web site during the week, about urban farming etc! Quite interesting 


Give it a look


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