All about flowers, gutters and my puppy 2/4/17

What a fantastic day today, lovely nice temperatures and nothing but blue skies!! So it’s all about the outdoors sometimes that is up on a ladder cleaning the gutters! Other times it’s about planting sweet pea… this day was both !

You just feel so great and full of energy on these lovely long fresh spring days. 

I suppose it was the 5 yearly gutter cleaning , when the growth in your gutters look better than the growth in your garden then it’s definitly time. 

Gutters 1/2 done (tough on the back) and it’s a nice leisurely afternoon potting Daisies pansies sweet pea, these days are full of peacefulness and mindfulness when nothing is on your mind but what you are doing! I like to mix topsoil with peat and some Miracle grow they seem to love it. I actually have a daisy from lady these that tolorated our winter and is full of life again this year, I treated it to a transplant to a bigger pot and some nice fertiliser, it looks happy. 

I have started a physical diary which my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day so now I have daily written notes about what I do in my garden, I love it.

I feel like I am on top of things at least for this month, I am trying the succession growth, so hoping that I will have loads of the vegetables I will want well through the summer!! Using my garden as a fridge for my veg!! NO CARBON FOOTPRINT going on there!!

Shiny gutters!!!

Daisies time
Last years beauy

My beautiful puppy passed away this January, he was my friend for 17 1/2 years, a trooper and loved our days in the garden, a particular spot was his favorite and this is where he rests.  Was putting off fixing it, too sad, but finally this weekend I made his space nice with a yellow rock rose and some yellow pansies!!! Think of him always and can see his space from my kitchen. My lucky!!!

Luckys spot!

He is with me always in my happiest place!

Happy gardening


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