Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

It seems that all the back breaking work pays off around this time when all the baby seeds start to poke their little green heads up and yell ‘here I am!, mind me watch me love me!’ and I sigh and say ‘but of course!’
I have a large amount of germinating going on, I am trying succession planting this year, so to keep up with myself I have my diary with maps of where,

 when and how many seeds I have planted.  I started lettuce, radish, spring onion and beets about 3 weeks ago and did a second planting last weekend.  Will keep going like this and use my garden to refrigerate my vegetables this year!!!

Everything is coming up Milhouse! Happy times, all going good.

Pictures now of my progress!!…..

Marrowfat peas- healthy looking

Radishes grow way fast, last week, this week

Potatoes looking food! Only 9 but hopefully a good harvest

Turnip – first year with these! Looks healthy

Strawberry plants from my sister! Small she says but sweet!

My baby spinach- will be fab for smoothies soon – succession planting with these also!!

A big P.S. cacti alert 

Got quite a few cacti cuttings from a friend in Pennsylvania last October, wasn’t quite confident if they would grow here, but, yippee they have taken off just these past few days. I am so happy about it, they have all lived!!!

Cacti – so proud

So there it is for now. We have a beautiful bank holiday weekend looming. Hopefully I will spend a lot of it in the great outdoors!!

Happy Easter and happy gardening!


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