Transplanting Hoya and Cactus

Because it rained yesterday and was just altogether stormy, I decided to do a little bit of long needed transplanting.  My daughter Theresa’s cactus had totally out grown its pot and my beautiful Hoya in the porch probably didn’t even have any soil in the pot, it was so root bound!!  I bought a nice Terra cotta pot for the cactus and  a really nice big pot and base for the Hoya.

For the cactus, I mixed a nice bit of sand, potting compost and earth and then had to use a tongs to get the cactus out of one pot and into another!!!

Cactus pre transplant

The final job, just a few decorative stones for effect!!!  
Then for the hoya, not such an easy job, I had to first fill the base with some nice big stones for drainage, then a mixture of peat, soil and a some miracle grow beads.  I had to get the two pots side by side, tease out the hoya from the small one, using a small table to dislodge it and then slip the bigger new pot into its place and pop the hoya in, after giving the roots a bit of a toss.  It all worked out quite well actually.  I am so proud of it and it really needed this as it is a climber and is climbing all over my porch:

As you can see it was in quite a small pot, needed a transplant
Quite pot bound!
It took quite a lot of soil and I cleaned up the lovely leaves also
Finished product, I am quite happy with it!

Alert: The above 3 pics are not mine, because they are not in flower at the moment, but boy when they are what a magnificent smell and the nectar drips off them!

It was a good day and I got to do some well needed jobs cause of the weather!!


Happy Gardening


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