All about April, 3rd April, 2016

This week,,,,, lets see,,,, well I finalized the raised beds and if it didn’t kill me it will make me stronger!  I added 1 wheelbarrow sand + 1 wheelbarrow potting compost and boy oh boy, when I turned the soil in the beds the difference was spectacular.  They are now much lighter and the whole consistency has changed, another step closer to planting.  It was hard work, but now I have raked them and broken up all the clumpy soil and they will be planted next weekend, hopefully.   Early potatoes in one, I am thinking salad stuff i.e. lettuce, spring onions and radishes in the other and in the third one possibly parsnips and leeks!!!  Its kind of scary, but I suppose once I get started it will be great.

I also propagated some stuff for a bed at the front of the house, I want to keep it low lying, with plants that don’t get much taller than 2 feet so I dug some grasses from the garden and potted them and I plan to put them in the ground again in a few months when they are firmly rooted and strong again.  The plants below on the right are hebe, which is a shrub that I love, there are so many different varieties, these ones are from my sisters garden, a very beautiful variety, not exactly sure the name, so I took 6 cuttings, removed most of the bottom leaves and dipped the base in rooting powder and firmed them into the pots and watered them in well, hopefully they all survive, only time will tell, I must keep them sheltered well until they hopefully take their own root and get strong.

I also went to Liscahane garden center!! for more potting compost and with an idea to buy some more Hebe, which I did and I also got 3 nice small plants to put in my front bed:

I got all of the above in the ground and watered them in well, it is such a pleasure to plant!

One last thing that I did this weekend was plant some night scented stock and marigold in a pot just outside my back door.  I love the night scented stock in the summer evenings when the sun hits it at my back door and the smell is just stunning, so planning ahead!!


Forgot to mention, during the week I potted some nasturtiums, chives and hanging lobelia in small peat pots, just to have starting when its time to plant out.

So thats it for now!

Happy Gardening.