All about April,2nd – 3rd April, 2016

Well in the past week I have more or less finished preparing the 3 raised beds, it was a lot of back breaking work, but I am hoping that the rewards I yield from it will be worth it.  I brought up 1 barrow sand,  1 barrow potting compost and a large scoop of chicken manure pellets to each bed to help improve the general quality of them.  They are really in good shape now and hopefully next weekend ready for a bit of planting.  I am a little nervous but excited at the same time.  This is what they look like now:

I think that they are more than ready for some vegetables.

Also during the week I potted some nasturtium seeds, trailing lobelia seeds and some chives seeds, they are all germinating indoors for the moment.  I have put them in peat pots so that planting out will be easy.

My tomatoes are coming up nicely, however one tray, that was planted at the exact same time as all of them is not coming at all!  I have no idea why??  But I shall keep watering and looking after them no matter what.  I am getting quite a kick out of seeing them coming on!!

This week I also planted some night scented stock and marigold seeds, these are in a nice big pot with a good mix of potting compost, soil and miracle grow food pellets, when they flower in the summer, however insignificantly the fragrance from them is second to none, the night scented stock I mean.  Well worth a plant, on a balmy summer evening they smell like heaven:

I also went to the Liscahane Garden center ‘again’ for more potting compost and of course I purchased some nice bits and pieces, i.e. some carnation plants, beautiful smells, a nice yellow flower, not sure what it is, but love some color in the garden now, and I bought 3 Hebe miniature shrubs, which I planted in a bed at the front of the house that I want to keep low lying, they will probably grow about 1 1/2 foot high by about 2-3 foot spread, I just love Hebe, such a pretty shrub:

Well that’s pretty much it, just love being out there, hope everyone is enjoying their garden or what ever patch of heaven they are looking after.

Happy Gardening!!